What is a labyrinth?

The labyrinth is an ancient circular symbol found in many cultures around the world and their history dates as far back as 5000 years. It has a single path that winds circuitously to the centre with no dead ends, no tricks or blind alleys. The path becomes a mirror for where we are in our lives. Placing one foot in front of the other, quiets our mind and peels back our layers as we move inward to our centre.

Labyrinths are often confused with mazes. But while a maze presents a puzzle to be solved, a labyrinth has only a single path that moves the walker back and forth to the centre. There are no wrong turns!

The Labyrinth represents a metaphorical journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools. Today, meandering labyrinths are often used as walking meditations, to focus the mind and put the walker in tune with the greater reality metaphorically represented by the labyrinth.  They can be instrumental in quieting the mind, reducing stress, restoring balance, and evoking inspiration and celebration.  

There are many kinds of labyrinths. Two of the main types are Classical and Medieval. Classical labyrinths feature a single pathway that loops back and forth to form seven circuits. Practically all labyrinths prior to the first few centuries B.C. are of this type. Medieval labyrinths are usually divided into four quadrants. Older examples of these labyrinths are usually found on the floors of European churches and cathedrals.

Our labyrinth

My husband Brian and I built our labyrinth in a secluded, forested area of our property near Smithers, B.C. It is an 11-circuit Medieval labyrinth constructed with paving stones and recycled tire chips, which make for a pleasant walking surface.

A small adjacent shelter complements our labyrinth, with comfortable bench seating for up to ten people.  This space makes for a wonderful spot to journal.  Taking the time to document your experience can be profound.  We may have insights that don't want to be forgotten and there may be aspects of your labyrinth experience that continue to unfold long after your walk has concluded.   

Labyrinth Services

As a certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, I am pleased to offer a number of services that utilize our labyrinth from May through to October, weather permitting.

  • Facilitated labyrinth walks Whether you are recovering from the loss of a loved one,  experiencing personal struggles or simply wish to spend some time decompressing from daily life, a facilitated labyrinth walk can help ground you and find your centre. My facilitation includes familiarizing clients with the history and meaning of the labyrinth, assisting to set intentions for the walk, as well as guiding them through the stages of a walk along its 11 circuits to its centre.

  • Yoga at the labyrinth With the addition of portable platforms, our labyrinth can be transformed into an inspiring setting for your yoga practice. I offer both group and solo yoga instruction.

  • Corporate or group events Looking for a unique venue for your group’s retreat or event in Smithers, B.C.? Book our labyrinth and adjacent shelter and allow the inspiring setting of the labyrinth to transform your time together. If you are planning an evening event, allow us to enhance the atmosphere with the addition of candle light, music, or other additions.