Brian and I are passionate about horticulture and our beautiful property provides a perfect venue for exploring what we can grow.

Food Production

We produce a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, including beans, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, salad greens, raspberries, black currants and up to 2,300 pounds of tomatoes each year!

For those who prefer to grow their own vegetables and herbs, we sell bedding plants, including tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed peppers, and basil.

Our love of growing food goes beyond vegetables. We maintain up to three bee hives for local honey production and also raise free-run chickens, which we sell fully processed and ready for the freezer.


I lead three local horticulture groups in the Bulkley Valley. Regular monthly meetings allow the groups to study and discuss topics relating to all areas of horticulture.

The annual membership for my horticulture groups is $120 per person with a cap of 30 students per group.


I offer consulting to home gardeners on topics including soil and pest management; compost system design and assembly (excluding bin construction); greenhouse layout and orientation planning; irrigation layout planning; and perennial garden design and installation.

The garden themes with which I am most familiar – and love to plan – are healing, reflection, sensory, small water gardens, xeriscaping, rain gardens and native plant gardens. Bring me your ideas and let’s create together!

Horticultural Therapy

Every gardener knows getting out into the garden is therapeutic. However, one doesn’t have to be a gardener to experience horticulture’s therapeutic benefits.

Horticultural therapy is a process through which plants, gardening activities and the innate closeness we all feel toward nature are used as vehicles in professionally conducted programs of therapy and rehabilitation (Davis 1994).  These programs chart client-specific goals, objectives, assessments and outcomes.

One aspect of horticultural therapy is assisting people who can no longer experience gardening in the way they once did. Another aspect is introducing the beauty of working with plants to those who have little or no former experience.

I hold a certificate in Horticultural Therapy and am currently working towards my professional registration. Please contact me to learn more about my services.